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Friday, June 9, 2023 Sugamo Lion King

OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00

[Support Members]

・BASS : Ichinose (Aoiroichigou)

 Official Twitter:

 Official website:

・DRUM : Hyu-ga

 Official Twitter:

​ Official YouTubeChannel:

[Ticket details]

・Ticket release date: February 14 

・Advance ticket: ¥4,000 (drink fee not included) / Door ticket: ¥4,500 (drink fee not included)

・Streaming ticket:  ¥2,000

[About e-plus ticket]] ​

・ E-plus ticket release date: February 14th from 10:00

・Ticket URL:

[Simultaneous purchase limited plan hand-selling tickets]

・Tickets sold at the same time as 3rd MINI ALBUM "CURSE"You can buy it for 500 yen cheaper for a limited time.

・Limited to the first 30 people

(MistoriA official mail order site: even-numbered row, limited to 15)

(Spring 2023 M3 : Odd number row, limited to 15)

​ * Sales will end as soon as the planned number of sales is reached.

・Ticket sales date:

MistoriA official mail order site (Reservations accepted from February 14)

Spring 2023 M3 venue (on sale April 30)

・Ticket price: ¥3,500

・Ticket sales location:  

MistoriA official mail order site (reference number even number column): 

​ Spring 2023 M3 venue (odd number row) 

[About streaming tickets]

・Streaming ticket release date: February 14

・Archive period: June 9th to June 23rd

・Streaming ticket URL:

・It will be a live distribution using TwitCasting Premier distribution.


[About band reservation]

・We will start accepting reservations on our official website from February 14th.

​・Please tell the ticket reception staff your name at the time of reservation on the day of the concert.

[About admission]

・ Up to 2 people can enter with 1 ticket (drink fee not included)

*Victim Ticket applies to all tickets except streaming tickets.

・Admission order: ① eplus → ② hand ticket → ③ band reservation → ④ ticket on the day

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