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A music unit formed by husband and wife team of sound creator RiON and vocalist Natsume.

They create magnificent and melodious cinematic Djent sound with the powerful cinema sound of RiON (sound producer) and Djent sound with 8-string guitar.

They are also a creative unit that not only produces music, but also all of their video productions and jacket productions.

Release Digital Single for 2 consecutive months in the spring of 2019. The 1st Album will be released in October of the same year, and the 1st LIVE will be held in December.

The 3rd single "UTOPIA" was released in April 2020, and the 1st MINI Album "JANNA" with the concept of Arabian was released in December.

The MV for "SIRIUS" was released in June 2021.

March 2022 Released the music video for "Nadia".

April 2022 2nd Full Album "ADAM" is released.

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